About us

Hello and welcome to my shop!

My name is Linda, I often go by Appel as well and I'm the owner and artist of Studio Appeltjesgroen. The name is the Dutch word for apple green, but I also like the colours blue and yellow. As suggested I am a Dutch illustrator, a big time frog and bird lover, Japan nerd and a geek in general!

Officially started in 2015, after graduating the Rotterdam art academy, Studio Appeltjesgroen is the brand that I use to design and produce products I'd love to get myself but couldn't find them in shops.

Back in 2008 Floris the Frog was born due to a graphic school assignment and ever since then I've been drawing and re-designing him and have him as my mascot.
Firstly it was mostly friends and family asking more about him. But it didn't take long before random strangers were asking if they could get something with Floris on it for their own use. Buttons on a bag or stickers in their planners. I attended local fairs and conventions to sell my (Floris the Frog) products and never stopped since.

Ever since then I've been sharing my love for frogs and stationery with fellow like minded folk and it is my big dream to have Floris the Frog almost as big as Nijntje, Molang or Hello Kitty! A frog can dream, no?

I want to say thank you for supporting me and allowing me to explore my creativity through art and sharing them with you all. There aren't enough words to describe how grateful I am.