✨ Ribbits ✨

Studio Appeltjesgroen was founded in 2016 by illustrator and frog lover, Linda, also known as Appel online.
 Ever since 2009, Linda has been actively attending conventions and fairs to sell her illustrations and products.
All while steadily growing a following on social media and graduating from the Willem de Kooning art academy in the Netherlands.

During 2008 Floris the Frog was born out of an art school assignment. A frog character who would later on be the main focus of all products featured by Studio Appeltjesgroen.  Floris the Frog first started as a super grumpy frog, but nowadays they can be whatever their froggy heart wishes to be. From Astronauts to Dinosaurs, from Japanese sweets to ghosts, Floris the Frog has no limits.
With this in mind Floris the Frog has a big range of useful products and accessories. From postcards to washi tapes, calendar to mouse pads, Floris the Frog and Linda are sure you’ll find something to gift to a fellow frog lover, or to keep for yourself.

Studio Appeltjesgroen reduce their ecological footprint by reusing shipping materials and producing their products locally in the Netherlands or in the European Union wherever possible. (Please excuse the wonky boxes, the froggy contents make up for it!)