Frog Mail Stickerclub

Thank you for being interested in the Frog Mail Stickerclub!

By becoming a monthly patron to the Frog Mail tiers on my Patreon page, you will receive monthly stickers and post cards. As long as you're a patron, you will receive new Frog Mail items every month! With each month a surprising theme.

To receive Frog Mail stickers and stationary, select either the Glass Frog tier, Milk Frog tier or Strawberry Frog tier on Patreon. Each tier offers has its own extra's.

Feel free to check it out here: Patreon page Studio Appeltjesgroen 

To receive the Frog Mail you have to pledge before the end of the month.
In case with the August Frog Mail, pledge to one of the three Frog Mail tiers before 31st of July.
Physical items will be sent to Patrons at the beginning of each month. Digital downloads will become available on Patreon in the middle of the month. This repeats itself for the next month's.

Each month will be a different theme of stickers and postcards, and as long as you don't cancel your subscription you'll receive new Frog Mail every month!