Floris the Frog | Seconds B-grade enamel pins

Floris the Frog | Seconds B-grade enamel pins

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This listing contains SECONDS/B-GRADE pins of my Floris the Frog pins.

A 'seconds' enamel pin (also called a B-grade pin sometimes) refers to a pin with some minor imperfections in it. They come at a discounted price and look still cute from afar. I hope all Floris seconds pin can all be adopted to a happy home!

DISCLAIMER: I don't know what kind of seconds I'll send to you, so it could be with a black spot or with a dent. You can't choose what kind of flaw you want.

Flaws may include:
• chips or shallow cracks
• embedded specks or dust
• dark spots in the enamel
• dents in the plating


- Seconds/B-grade hard enamel pin
- with a rubber backing